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ASIA Youth Energy Summit (AYES)

ASIAn Youth Energy Summit (AYES)

Connecting stakeholders all over Asia

AYES is an annual event that features a variety of activities, bringing together stakeholders from all over Asia. AYES fulfills Energy Carta's key objective of Educate, Engage and Focus on Asia through pannel discussions, exhibitions and Changing the Game (CtG). 

AYES invites experts from various fields to discuss the challenges, opportunities and future prospect of subjects such as renewable energy, green building, etc. Participants can expect an interactive and fun-filled experience at AYES. 

ASIAN Youth Energy Summit

Global Challenges, Regional Collaboration, Local Opportunities


Can you secure the future?

EcoFun seeks to engage youths and educate them about sustainability issues through an amazing race game model. The game creates an alternate future with a captivating storyline where participants will immerse themselves into. The game strives to create awareness on sustainability issues and inspire youth action through an enjoyable and postive experience. 

Being Eco-friendly can also be Fun

Energy Trail

Exploring Singapore's Sustinability Landscape

Energy Trail promotes experiential learning through exploring Singapre's sustainability landscape. Participants will get to learn about the sustainability sector as well as the current interesting developments through an engaging dialogue session. This is then followed by a industrial site visit where participants get witness the operations and learn more about the challenges and opportunties that exists in this industry.

Youths today, leaders tomorrow

Inspiring Youth Leadership 

Youths Today, Leaders Tomorrow is Energy Carta lastest initiative to encourage youth action and inspire youth leadership through skill-based workshops and insightful sharing sessions. The event will also feature our flagship game, Changing the Game (CtG), which internalises the leadership skills taught through a fun and interactive energy policy making game! 

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