Changing the Game(CtG) - southeast asia


What is it? 

Changing the Game is an exciting and fun energy policy simulation that lets players take control of Southeast Asia's energy future using LEGO® blocks. In a board game format, players take the roles of Citizens, Governments, Businesses and NGOs to implement a variety of energy policies that will Change a pre-given 2030 Business as Usual (BAU) baseline scenario.

Players take into account future needs vs. present needs, reduce emissions, diversify their fuel supply mix, adopt electric vehicles, trade technologies, negotiate for pan-regional solutions and work together (or against each other) to Change the Game.

Changing the Game was developed in 2009 by Energy Crossroads Denmark to guide informed discussions about the future of energy consumption and production. In 2011, Energy Carta adapted and developed it into a Southeast Asian version, and was first introduced at the Asian Youth Energy Summit 2012.

How does it work?


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