Our Vision

To become the foremost organization in developing youth leaders in the sustainable development industry.

Our Approach

Energy Carta believes that the best way to influence mindsets and effect change is to highlight opportunities within the sustainable development sector so that students can contribute more meaningfully when they embark on a career in the field. Given the broad nature of sustainable development, this includes jobs in engineering, real estate, architecture, government, academia, research, computing, finance and many more. As such we aim to become the platform that connects people and ideas, serving as the interface between students and industry, through awareness programs and tangible projects/ opportunities.

Energy Carta strives to achieve its Vision by deploying a three pronged approach: Education, Engagement and a Focus on Asia.


  1. To raise grassroots awareness, particularly amongst students, towards opportunities within the sustainable development industry.
  2. Highlight to the future leaders of the world the importance of understanding and applying economics, technology and policies in resolving climate change issues.
  3. We achieve this through our flagship Asian Youth Energy Summit (AYES) which combines a series of activities including conferences and job fairs, as well as through our Experience Energy Series (EES).


  1. Engaging stakeholders include policymakers in all levels of government, non-governmental organizations, institutes, engineers, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, academics, and student leaders, to allow for in-depth discourse and creation of synergy and economic opportunities.
  2. Being the interface between the student population and the industry; realizing and publicizing the necessary opportunities including jobs, internships, research projects, creation of start-ups etc.
  3. We also engage our participants in activities that take them out of the lecture theatre, including Changing the Game (CtG) and Energy Trail, which provide them a more “hands-on” experience of sustainable development.

Focus on Asia

  1. Highlight the economic potential, environmental urgency and endless possibilities within Asia, particularly of favorable policies, emerging markets and technology.
  2. We do not only target audiences within Singapore for the Asian Youth Energy Summit (AYES). Besides international speakers and companies, we also invite a select group of students from varsities across Asia (and beyond) to participate in AYES. This is representative of the global challenge to achieve sustainable development and also enables our local audience to get a better understanding of the issues beyond Singapore’s shores.

Please take a look at the Events and Projects pages to learn more about our activities.