The Energy Carta Team

Brij Samani, Co-Lead

Brij is a third year Electrical Engineering student at NUS with a passion for the clean energy sector. As one of the more experienced member of the current team, his role entails managing the entire team and consequently shaping the future of Energy Carta.

Kittithat Promthaveepong, Co-Lead

Kittithat (Kit) is currently one of the three co-leads for Energy Carta and also a third year chemical engineering student in NUS. He had joined Energy Carta to obtain a more holistic view of the Energy sector and he enjoys reading surrealistic novels and cafe hopping in his off time.

Rochelle Hung, Co-Lead

Rochelle is currently a second year student from the School of Design and Environment, NUS. Rochelle first joined Energy Carta because of her love for Lego bricks. As the youngest Co-Lead in terms of both experience and age, this journey with Energy Carta has allowed Rochelle to gain great insight to the sustainable energy sector, and she sees great potential in the amalgamation of sustainability and the construction industry. Rochelle anticipates the future of sustainable buildings, and is determined to be involved in creating a future she wants to live in.

Faqiha Arshad, Director, Sponsorship

Faqiha is a second year Electrical Engineering student in NUS who joined Energy Carta due to her interest in the energy sectors and to meet like-minded peers.

Phoebe Wong, Director, Marketing & Communications

Phoebe Wong is a 2nd year Environmental Engineering student at NUS who has a special interest in waste-to-energy technology. She first joined Energy Carta as a volunteer in "Changing the Game" at Energy Forum in June 2013 and is now the director in Marketing & Communications.

Chua Ai Ling, Director, Energy Trail

Ai Ling is a second year NUS student majoring in Accountancy. She joined Energy Carta because her passion towards creating a sustainable environment is as strong as her passion towards accounting.

Yi Chieh Lan, Director, Experience Energy

Yi Chieh is a second year Environmental Engineering student at NUS. He believes that the energy sector holds tremendous potential and joined Energy Carta so that he can gain more knowledge about all aspects of the energy industry.

Lim Wei Zhe, Deputy Director, Experience Energy/AYES

Presently pursuing his degree in NUS Chemical Engineering, Wei Zhe is part of Energy Carta's EES and AYES teams. Aside from having a keen interest in the energy industry, he also loves a good cup of iced coffee.

Gautam Krishnan, Director, IT & Social Media

Gautam is a 4th year Computer Engineering student in NUS with an interest in the tech aspect of sustainable development strategies. He dabbles in web development and enjoys Tom Clancy novels.