Energy Carta was founded in 2008 by a group of like-minded friends in the National University of Singapore who felt that students too can make a difference in the world’s journey towards sustainable development. What initially started out as an adventure to have just one awesome conference (AYES2008) before leaving school, has evolved into an ongoing cause to educate youth about the opportunities within the sustainable development industry as well as develop young leaders.

In the past years, we have experimented with various ways of engaging youths, including conferences, job fairs, business case competitions and games. We have enjoyed small successes but continue to innovate as we think of the best ways to achieve our vision. We would not have been able to come so far without the kind support of corporate sponsors and supporting institutions such as the Energy Market Authority, the Energy Studies Institute and the National University of Singapore's Entrepreneurship Centre who have believed in us since our early days.

Today our alumni includes professionals spanning across sectors in cleantech investment, green building design, environmental consulting, oil and gas and many others. Regardless of our career choices, we are still united by our passion for sustainable development, people development and for Energy Carta. Together with the student leaders, we continue to invoke change through our actions.

You can find our more about our founding and what drives us in interviews that we have previously given here and here.

Yujun Chean

Yujun is the President and co-founder of Energy Carta. He graduated from NUS with an engineering degree and started his career in a company involved in developing sustainable integrated projects in China. He then spent some years in the finance industry as a corporate banker. In this time, he has truly come to appreciate the broadness of the sustainable development industry and has recently decided to join a start-up involved in the field of smart mobility and big data.

Adrian Zhou

Adrian is the Vice-President and a co-founder of Energy Carta. Currently working in corporate finance, he has previous experience as an analyst in venture capital, focusing on nano/clean technology and intellectual property (IP). An avid boardgamer, he believes that initiatives such as Changing the Game (CtG) is a amazing engagement tool to get people thinking about sustainability.

Delph Mak Yet Feng

Motivated by the cause to develop a sustainable energy future, Delph joined Energy Carta since its founding year in 2008. Delph is currently the General Secretary, ensuring operations stay aligned with the organisation's vision and mission. A Chemical Engineer by training, she is currently working in the Public Sector in strengthening Singapore's water sustainability through industry development efforts.

Valerie Choy

Valerie is the current Treasurer and co-founder of Energy Carta. She is currently a Senior Consultant at the DNV KEMA Clean Technology Centre in Singapore, covering topics such as hybrid energy system deployments in remote communities and risk management for high value energy production assets. Valerie's long-term career goal is to assist governments and companies with implementing holistic energy systems and solutions.

Wu Shao Rong (Shaun)

Shao Rong (Shaun) is a co-founder of Energy Carta and has over three years of experience in corporate finance and investment banking, specializing in the energy and infrastructure sectors in Asia. He sees sustainable energy and infrastructure as a change enabler which can spur development in emerging economies, bringing benefits to society. Through his career and activities with Energy Carta, he hopes to be able to contribute to this development.

Thet Lin Thu

Thet joined Energy Carta in 2008 and has since played an active part in its initiatives to date. He believes in the organizations' capacity to develop capable and earnest young leaders who will tackle the perennial issue of creating prosperity today while ensuring the prosperity of future generations. Thet previously worked as a Clean Development Mechanism consultant and currently works in a renewable energy fund.

Huang Sipei

Sipei is a co-founder of Energy Carta. After graduating from NUS, she joined the public sector in assisting Singapore companies in the oil & gas sector to expand overseas. She then moved on to join the Corporate Planning department in a Singapore oil & gas contractor, before switching to the Corporate Finance team in the company to broaden her horizon. She views the oil & gas industry as an integral part of the global energy system and sees synergies between the oil & gas industry and the renewable energy industry.

Bharath Seshadri

Bharath joined Energy Carta in 2008 and was the Director of AYES2009. He is currently a research scientist at the Energy Research Institute at Nanyang Technological University. Bharath believes that the fifth fuel of energy efficiency is a low hanging fruit and there is tremendous R&D opportunity in the sector. He focuses on energy efficient buildings and is currently on a sabbatical at the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) at Colorado in the United States.

Bryan Peh

Bryan is a co-founder of Energy Carta, ex-Treasurer and currently guiding the Energy Trail project. He is a graduate of NUS with B.Sc in Statistics and is very active in the area of environmental sustainability in Singapore. He runs his own company to provide SMEs with essential corporate and IT services, especially in the area of technology adoption. His latest endeavour is in the field of data collection and analytics.

Chloe Chue

Chloe join Energy Carta in 2009, and was part of the AYES2009 organising committee. She graduated from NUS in 2010, and since then, has worked as an engineer involved in a major energy development in Singapore. Through both her undergraduate and working experience, Chloe sees that energy issues will change the world of tomorrow economically, technologically and environmentally, with youths of today having the opportunity to shape tomorrow's energy landscape.

Asian Youth Energy Summit 2010


  • In conjunction with Cleantech Open Ideas Competition 2010
  • Engaging topics with the theme: Inspire. Innovate. Cultivate.


  • Date: 15th October 2010
  • Event Website:
  • Location: Shaw Foundation Alumni House, National University of Singapore
  • Event Report

Asian Youth Energy Summit 2009


  • Inaugural Chevron Case Challenge
  • 24 speakers spread over 5 panels focusing on Opportunites, Policies and Solutions
  • Career Fair on Day 2


  • Date: 17th - 18th September 2009
  • Event Website:
  • Location: Shaw Foundation Alumni House, National University of Singapore
  • Event Report

The Inaugural Asian Youth Energy Summit 2008


  • Interaction with various industry experts on the topic of Clean Energy and Sustainable Development.
  • 10 panel sessions on diverse topics surrounding Clean Energy and Sustainable Development.
  • Exhibition and career fair with representatives, companies and organisations in the industry.


  • Date: 30th - 31st October 2008
  • Event website:
  • Location: Location: International Conference Center, 29 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
  • Event Report

Experience Energy Series

Energy Carta is a non-profit organization founded in Singapore by a team of young adults who want to make a positive impact on the world. We are part of a global movement that is driven by a passion for sustainable development, the environment and a desire to invoke change through our actions.

We seek to promote our cause by bringing various stakeholders together to have meaningful discourse and provide pragmatic solutions. In particular, we seek to promote interest amongst grassroots and students, offering opportunities for greater interaction between youth and industry.